Conception Plus Gets New Information About Battle System And More

Conception Plus dialogue

Game developer Spike Chunsoft recently revealed some new information about the upcoming JRPG Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child!, which is the PlayStation 4 remake of Conception.

Conception Plus new details

Aside from the latest information we got last time, this time around Spike Chunsoft revealed more details about the main character Itsuki Yuge and the gameplay. In this game, Itsuki will have three teams of four Star Children accompanying him in his journeys through dungeons. These teams will have to work as a single entity with its four characters acting at the same time and sharing HP and skills. With these conditions, players will have to make plans and make their team in a careful manner. Each Star Children combination could unlock different types of skills. The key to victory in this game is to make proper placements and exploiting the enemies’ weaknesses.

Growth in bond

Outside of dungeons, players can spend time with the Star Maidens. The increase of bond with Itsuki will make the Star Children stronger. This is the reason why it is important to regularly remake their Star Children so that it can adapt to new dungeons and monsters that they can encounter. Bonding the Star Maidens will also unlock their backstories.

The game will launch in Japan exclusively for PlayStation 4. It will be available in Winter 2019. There is still no information about it coming to the west, but it might come after the Japanese release.