Conarium Lovecraftian Horror Video Game Coming To PS4

Conarium scene

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that the Lovecraftian horror game Conarium will be coming to their console platforms soon.

Conarium coming to Sony consoles

This game first came out on the PC platform and now it is coming to the consoles such as the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 Pro version will also get enhancements to make the first-person horror game experience way better than the original.

This is a horror game where players control Frank Gilman who explores an Antarctic base. They will be met by intense imagery and effects that will bring forth the terror of the Lovecraftian stories.

The console port was meant to be launched last year, but the indie studio Iceberg Interactive hit some snags along the game, which made it challenging to port to another platform. This time around, they got everything right with the PS4 Pro’s enhancements as well.

The game will launch next month, but there is still no specific date.

Check out the trailer below: