Catherine: Full Body Voice Actress Speaks Her Mind About Controversy

Catherine: Full Body Rin

One of the voice actresses involved in the upcoming puzzle video game remaster Catherine: Full Body has recently given her statement about the latest controversy.

Catherine: Full Body voice actress speaks

The controversy is all about a rough translation of the True Ending scenario of the game and was posted on a gaming forum called ResetEra. Some have judged the game as transphobic and have voiced concerns about this. There is clearly some miscommunication about this and it is just a communication barrier between the currently Japanese-only version of the game and an objective reading. Still, it has gotten some backlash.

Game company Atlus has not given any statement regarding this, but the voice actress for the new character Rin, Brianna Knickerbocker, has come to defend the game, her character, and the team developing it. She said that she does understand some people have concerns, but they should not judge until the game is released.

It is still unclear if there was really just a mistranslation and the original controversy is just about a mistake in reading it. It is also possible that the localization team is already on the case and has addressed this issue and the western audiences will see the altered ending. Everyone will have to wait for the official statement from the game developers, localizers, and publishers for that matter.

The game is already available in Japan. The western gamers will have to wait for a while, which will be on Sept. 3. It will be launched on PlayStation 4.