Catherine: Full Body Remake Gets Second Trailer Featuring New Scenes

Catherine: Full Body intro

Game publisher Atlus recently revealed a second trailer for upcoming video game remake Catherine: Full Body. It features some new features and more.

Catherine: Full Body gets new trailer

The trailer starts up with some sort of a documentary asking a few questions to a few people in Japan. They are asked about some philosophical questions that are related to the video game. It has that classical music playing on the background and it is quite interesting to watch.

In the next few scenes it features the new additions to the upcoming remake. It features the new stages, some new scenes that have some gruesome images, new gimmicks, and more. The scenes are pretty scary including the two first female leading ladies wielding chainsaws and chasing the main protagonist Vincent. It also features the new leading “lady” as the third choice in the game. It even featured some scenes that looked like from the past of the first two female waifus attending high school.

The game will launch in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita next year on Valentine’s Day. It will launch on western regions next year, but there is still no definite release date or platforms.

Check out the trailer below: