Catherine: Full Body Reveals New Trailer Featuring Love Problems

Catherine: Full Body Qatherine

Game publisher Atlus and developer Studio Zero recently released a brand new trailer of upcoming video game remake Catherine: Fully Body.

Catherine: Full Body trailer details

The first trailer of the series of trailers is titled When Relationships Go Terribly Wrong. It features Katherine confronting Vincent about his love affair with Catherine. It also shows the devilish minx that keeps taunting her until they fight each other. Due to the stress increasing, Vincent screams in pain. It then switches to him being alone with Rin, who is also named Qatherine. She is an amnesic girl that is exclusive to the remake and accepts all of Vincent’s problems and comforts him all the time.

DLCs revealed

The game will have DLCs for its release. One of those DLCs is a pack that includes 11 different selectable voices for Catherine. The base game will have two voices, which are voices of Miyuki Sawashiro and Noto Mamiko.

The game will launch in Japan on February 14, 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It has been announced to launch on the west, but there is still no specific release date.

Check out the trailer below: