Catherine: Full Body Leaked Ending Causes Controversy

Catherine: Full Body Qatherine

A gaming community thread recently summarized some interpretations of upcoming video game Catherine: Full Body ending and it has sparked a controversy.

Catherine: Full Body ending might have some controversial scenarios

A recent thread from the ResetEra website revealed quite a very controversial summary of the ending of the game and it has made some of the queer members anxious. It actually had a lot of detail about it, which is actually a plot element involving the waitress character of Erica.

A fair warning: the next few lines might involve spoilers, but these are not officially confirmed at the moment.

The game actually caused some concerns with the new character named Rin and involves some imagery that shows of some interpretations of transphobia. Specifically it shows that the main character Vincent is shocked while looking at Rin and her naked body. This somehow signifies that this is somehow a transphobic trope – Rin might be a transgender woman as some form of comedy.

The leaked cutscene says otherwise thankfully and revealed that it was not the case. Rin was not a transgender woman, and not even a human: she was some sort of extraterrestrial being or an alien from outerspace. Some still outcry that the teaser pictures depict transphobia regardless.

Concerning Erica, the leaked ending revealed that the character of Catherine travels back in time to give the rest of the cast a better life. One of the major changes revealed that the character of Erica does not turn into a woman. To some, this depicts another transphobic trope that implies that never transitioning leads to a happier life.

There is now a strong debate about this leak and some gave it the benefit of the doubt. It might be a mistranslation, misinterpretation, lack of context, or something that others failed to misunderstand. Some even say that the others do not understand the cultural difference with Japan.

Either way, the video game will be coming to the west this Sept. 3. It will be available on PlayStation 4.