Catherine: Full Body Localization Gets Adjusted By Translators

A voice actor of the upcoming puzzle video game remaster Catherine: Full Body revealed that the localization will get adjusted.

Catherine: Full Body translation gets adjusted

The voice actor of controversial character Erica has recently revealed that the localization team of the upcoming video game remaster has adjusted some bigotry that was represented in the Japanese version. This was due to a certain transphobic scene in one of the endings of the game that allowed the protagonist to go back in time and change the past.

Several LGTBQ gaming community members were upset about this, but others have pointed out that this was just a big miscommunication. Others even suggest that this was only the protagonist’s best ending and not the best ending for every character.

Erica’s voice actress Erin Fitzgerald has let the gamers know that she backs the work behind the localization team. She suggested that there are already talks about the changes. She also revealed that she returned to do the English voice work of Erica and Midnight Venus and mentioned that the localization team took the translation very seriously in terms of trying to adjust the bigotry represented in the Japanese version.

It is still uncertain if this will have a big impact on the game, but it is assumed that the English version will have its ending re-worked.

Someone’s back

In other related news, it was just confirmed that a previous voice actor from the original version of the game will be coming back. Troy Baker will be reprising his role as Vincent.

The game is now out in Japan on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The western version will launch on Sept. 3 only on PS4.