How Can Insomniac Games Innovate Spider-Man?

There are a lot of PlayStation titles that feature or red web-swinging hero.  While there are a couple of big names, there are some that generally missed the mark when it comes to quality. However, we...[Read More]

Why You Should Get The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

To celebrate the 500 million mark of PlayStation systems sold worldwide, Sony released a limited edition PS4 Pro that immediately sold out upon its launch. Since it’s going to be available at re...[Read More]

Former IGN Nintendo Editor Filip Miucin Got It Coming

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. The same thing can’t be said for plagiarism. There’s a difference between copying what someone does and putting their work forward as your own. I...[Read More]

The Evolution of Play

PlayStation has always been there when I was a kid. From memorable adventures in Final Fantasy IX to road battle madness in Twisted Metal, the PlayStation brand brought a lot of great games in the pas...[Read More]

PS1 Games You Should Have Played

It’s always nice to look back at some of the best games that made you fall in love with Sony—even better if they’re the reason you became a gamer. Those who are loyal to the company should have gone t...[Read More]

PS4 Game Releases This Week (8/6/18)

An all-new week for every PS4 owners out there. How’s the latest No Man’s Sky update been? I’m sure all of you are having fun because we all did. Base-building, 4-player co-op multip...[Read More]

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