Caravan Stories PS4 Gets Open Beta For North America

Caravan Stories pig rider charge

Game developer Aiming recently announced that upcoming free-to-play fantasy RPG Caravan Stories will get an open beta test in North America in a couple of months.

Caravan Stories open beta details

The free-to-play fantasy RPG will be launching on PlayStation 4 with an open beta in North America this coming July 16. The full launch for the game will be available on July 23. English subtitles with Japanese voice-overs will be featured in this game.

PS4 version director Masahiko Takeuchi said in a statement:

Bringing Caravan Stories to PlayStation 4 in North America will mark the beginning of many new stories. We can’t wait to hand the ink quill to our players and witness the tales they will write. The feedback, passion, and experiences of new adventurers will help us make and improve Caravan Stories for years to come. We are honored to welcome you to Iyarr.

Event goers at RTX 2019 at the Austin Convention Center will be able to test this out.

Check out the overview below:

Thousands of stories are waiting to be told in Iyarr, a vast world of unbridled beauty and unexpected danger. Players can choose from four playable races to start and can unlock an additional race through playing the game. A sixth race will be added soon after launch. See a world filled with mysterious cities, elegant forests, and imposing canyons. Along the way players will befriend non-player characters, growing the fellowship by recruiting them and taming monsters.

From dastardly dungeons to open-world raids, only a party of stalwart companions can overcome the dangers of Iyarr. Up to six creatures and allies can band together, each boasting different skills and specialties. An assured victory will require players to balance the strengths and weaknesses of the party in thrilling, strategic encounters with monsters and demons.

A mysterious gate of darkness known as the Enigma manifests above Iyarr’s peaceful lands, flooding the realm with chaos. Soon, the once tranquil land will succumb to shadow. The champions of Iyarr must save the world from its grisly fate in a story packed with emotional strife, memorable characters, and intrigue among kingdoms.

Iyarr is as unpredictable as it is beautiful. As the sun falls and shadows turn to moonlit darkness, new monsters appear to threaten the party. When day breaks, other creatures join the fray, demanding new approaches and strategies. The time flow system influences dynamic world where surprising stories can unfurl at any moment.

A stirring orchestral soundtrack and artistic flair bring Caravan Stories to greater life. Watercolor tones and brush strokes render Iyarr in a dreamy manner unlike any other world. This unique touch enhances classic RPG systems and engaging social elements to create a world worth exploring.

The game is now available on the PS4 via the PlayStation Store in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It also has support for Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese language options.

Check out the trailer courtesy of Gematsu: