CAPCOM Reveals Numerous Titles In Development Using RE Engine

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Game company CAPCOM recently revealed that there are numerous titles in development right now using the RE Engine.

CAPCOM to release a lot more games in the future

Due to the several games that gave them success recently, CAPCOM has revealed that there will be more titles to come out in the future. These successful games were all due to the new game engine, the RE Engine. It was originally created for the 2017’s Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, but it was also used to remake Resident Evil 2 and the action game Devil May Cry 5. Now it will be used for other games as well.

The game publisher did not specify which games will be coming out later on, but they did confirm that there are currently a lot of projects planned.

Here is their statement:

While we are unable to comment on the specific number of titles or release windows, there are numerous titles currently being developed internally with the RE Engine. The games we developed using the RE Engine during this current hardware generation have received critical acclaim, and from the early stages of building this engine, we kept the ability to augment it for next-generation development in mind. As such, we view the RE Engine as one of our strengths that will contribute to next-generation game creation.

Source: CAPCOM