Call Of Duty 2019 Title To Be Revealed By Infinity Ward At E3 Coliseum

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 scream

Game developer Infinity Ward recently announced that it will be discussing the details of the upcoming Call of Duty 2019 title at E3 Coliseum this year.

Call of Duty 2019 title discussions at E3 Coliseum

Several rumors have been coming around lately and the major ones focus on Modern Warfare 4, but there are no confirmations from the developers. Infinity Ward, however, revealed that they are going to do something about that by discussing about it during E3 2019.

E3’s official Twitter account revealed this announcement via a new tweet. The developers will be discussing the 2019 title during an E3 Coliseum livestream. There is no confirmation that there will be gameplay shown during this event, but at least it is confirmation that it will be a game for this year.

This 2019 title might be released sometime this Fall. It will most likely come to the PlayStation 4.