Broken Delusion Coming To PlayStation 4 This Year

Broken Delusion virtual char

Game publisher Bilibili and Chinese developer Zhaijidian recently announced the upcoming adventure video game Broken Delusion.

Broken Delusion launches on PS4

The upcoming Chinese developed video game will be launch on PlayStation 4 this year. It will support Japanese and Simplified Chinese text and voice-overs. No further details in regards to getting English support for now.

Check out the overview here:


Broken Delusion is an adventure game with a long, original story. Set in a fictional scientific city in the near future, players will be able to experience an otherworldly adventure. Players take on the role of the protagonist, who is both a regular high school student and top-class hacker. One day, “you” were messing around and created a person who does not exist in this world, which causes a major event…

Key Features

  • Raising Simulation – Create and raise virtual characters. As the character’s personality and details gradually fill out, what you created may not turn out to be strictly virtual.
  • Hacking System – Using his leading edge hacking skills, the protagonist controlled by the player will be able to break into any system and network that exists in this world. Hacking is nothing but a game for you.
  • Requests – During the game, the player will receive various help requests. While it is fine to ignore those requests, you can also use your skills to lend a hand.

Check out the trailer here courtesy of Gematsu:

Official Chinese website here.