Borderlands 3 Humor Will Not Be Insensitive But Remain Edgy

Borderlands 3 box art

Gearbox game produce Chris Brock recently explained the developer’s plans for the humor of upcoming video game sequel Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 funnier without offending everyone

Jokes from previous titles like the original Borderlands worked in the year 2009, while Borderlands 2’s jokes worked in 2012, but in this year, this might offend a lot of people. This is the reason why Gearbox is now being careful of their material and will be making sure to not be offensive.

Brock explained that the writers will be putting more thought into the third game. Here’s his statement:

We talk about it and think about it a lot more. I think in the past, we’ve just kinda done stuff. But now we say ‘okay we have this joke and we want to run it by the studio.’ And the studio’s huge now–we have people 400 people in Dallas and 100 people in Quebec. So we go ‘how does this joke land with everybody?

We’ve all got a personal line, some of our lines will be crossed, but we have to as a team, understand that we’re putting our best foot forward. Be edgy, be funny, don’t be cruel, don’t be insensitive, be understanding, be sympathetic. We have a very diverse studio culture, and everybody wants to represent that.

The game will launch on Sept. 13. It will be available on PlayStation 4.