Blazing Chrome Gets New Gameplay Footage Looking Explosive and Fun

Blazing Chrome game mode

A new gameplay video of upcoming no nonsense 2D shooter Blazing Chrome is now available for viewing featuring chaotic fun and explosions.

Blazing Chrome video is awesome fun

Amidst the modern games that are trying to find and recapture the magic of the classic gaming, some chill titles are standing out with simple gameplay, but have nostalgic fun. One of those games is the 2D shooter made by game developer Joymasher.

This game is a no-nonsense side-scroller with the theme of a gritty 2000 AD style cyber-punk style. This is actually almost the same with classic 2D scroller Contra. It has high difficulty, fast-paced, and lets players be in the middle of the fight.

There are several options in this game and it features three different difficulties to choose from, which alter the lives or continues of the players. There is also the option for playing in mirror mode, which allows them to choose a pair of heavily armed characters.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4. It will be launched sometime later this year.

Check out the trailer below: