Bethesda Game Might Be Coming Soon With Amazon Placeholder Leak

Bethesda Game countdown

Popular online retailer Amazon recently revealed some new placeholders that might be hinting at a new Bethesda game coming soon.

New Bethesda game at the horizon?

A few placeholder listings on Amazon recently surfaced and some sharp-eyed netizens caught this hot news. This could indicate that there is a new title coming from Bethesda and it might be from Fallout or The Elder Scrolls franchises.

Each page listing shows only little detail about it, but it is still intriguing in its own way. There are no ratings, no box arts, the dates are all listed December 31, 2019, and there are three editions with the same price point. It has a PlayStation 4 platform too, which indicates it will be a current-generation release.

There is also an eerie classic countdown as well with a brief nuclear logo appearance when the 3 comes up. It is all speculation for now, but it is promising.

In another related note, Bethesda has been securing some trademarks for some projects that have yet to be announced. Parent company ZeniMax Media filed a trademark for DEATHLOOP using Good and Service classifiers 009 and 041, which are video games and online games respectively.