Bethesda To Return To E3 2019 With DOOM Eternal Appearance

DOOM 25 Years

Game company Bethesda has confirmed that they will be returning to E3 this year with a press conference to announce some new games and other stuff.

Bethesda coming to E3 2019

This will be the fifth consecutive year for #BE3, and the gaming company will be showing off more of what they have been planning for the years to come. As usual, they will be holding a press event at E3 on Sunday night, which will be on June 9 this year. It will be streamed live around the world starting at 5:30 PST.

As for the lineup, there has been no information revealed at the moment, but game developer id Software is set to reveal some good stuff for the upcoming DOOM Eternal. It will be set as the highlight for the show. The game company did promise that they will reveal more information later on.