Battlefield V First Major Update Launching Soon After Delay

Game developer DICE finally announced that the first major update of Battlefield V will launch soon after it was delayed just recently.

Battlefield V upcoming update delayed

DICE announced that the first major update Chapter 1: Overture has now officially been delayed from its schedule launch tomorrow. There were no specific details as to why the schedule was pushed back, but it seems to be that there were some unforeseen issues. This was a good move by the developers because they did not want to cause more problems by implementing a faulty or incomplete major update to the game.

Official launch revealed

After the delay, DICE once again took to Twitter to announce the official launching of the major update. It will now launch on Dec. 5, which is just a few hours later. The developers still did not give any specific details as to why it was delayed a while back.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.