Battlefield V Reveals Plans of Initiative Including Free Stuff

Game publisher EA and developer DICE recently revealed their initiative plan called the Road to Battlefield V.

Road to Battlefield V contents revealed

Both companies revealed that they are going to launch a lot of content starting today until the new Nov. 20 launch date of the upcoming video game. It was actually revealed back when the original launch was Oct. 19, but since it was changed, the items have been changed too.

For starters, the upcoming open beta test will be included with some awesome freebies for testers to try out. They can even get a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

Open beta dates

Here are the official dates for the open beta and that includes the early access for those who pre-ordered the game:

Open Beta Early Access – Sept. 4, 1 A.M. PT (10 AM CET)

Open Beta For Everyone – Sept. 6, 1 A.M. PT (10 AM CET)

End Of Open Beta – Sept. 11, 7 A.M. PT (4 PM CET)

After the end of Open Beta, the Battlefield 1 premium passes will be free from that time until Sept. 18. This will allow players to have access to all four expansions of the game. It will include 20 weapons, 16 maps, new modes, and many more.

Other stuff

Fans of the series will also get other giveaways and other community events. There might be some weapon skins and dog tags handed out to players that played the previous games in the series on certain days.

Source: Official Website