Battlefield V Reveals To Have No Map Voting At Release

Game developer EA DICE recently revealed during Weekly Debrief that the map voting option in Battlefield V will not be available at its launch.

Battlefield V new changes revealed

EA DICE recently talked about this new change on one of its Weekly Debriefs that provided readers with lots of information about the upcoming game. The recent post revealed that the developers of the feedback that they answered from the community. One of the questions asked was the map voting option between rounds. Level designer Matthias Wagner answered that it will not be available at release date.

The good news is that the community is taking it well with the honest answer. This will allow more map variety since the good or popular map will not be voted every time with the option gone.

Other questions answered included the details of all the vehicles included in each map during certain game modes. They listed the transport vehicles, planes, tanks, and the reinforcements.

The developers provided a sneak peek of what is to come for next week. The Origin Access and EA Access members will get their chance to gain access to the game starting on Nov. 9. This will only be a 10-hour period, but it is still the full game.

The game will launch on Nov. 20. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit