Atelier Raiza Next Title In Franchise Coming To PlayStation 4

Atelier Ryza

The latest issue of a certain gaming magazine revealed the latest title for the Atelier series, which is Atelier Raiza for the Sony console.

Atelier Raiza will be different

The newest information about the upcoming Atelier title revealed a ton of details. It will have a subtitle The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout. It will launch on PlayStation 4, and it will be in Japan first this coming fall. It has a price tag of 7,800 yen for the standard edition, while the two different limited editions will have prices of 10,800 yen and 19,540 yen. No details yet on the contents of these other editions.

There was a teaser website launched a few days ago that teased the announcement of the Raiza title. This will be updated this coming May 28.

This new game will be a coming of age story, and its world is constructed through a new method of expression. The whole scenario is written by developer Gust and famous Shakugan no Shana manga creator Yashichiro Takahashi. The character design is done by Toridamono.

Background story

The main character in this title is Raizin Staud, who is a normal girl who feels uneasy in her tranquil everyday life. This game is her story about finding something she never thought was so dear to herself after discovering alchemy and meeting a certain someone.

There are three more characters in the game, but no details as of yet. These individuals look like a male soldier, and female priest, and a young scholar.

The game will have a deeper adventure mechanic compared to the previous titles. The height of the sky, flower thickets, and other environmental factors will have more realistic visuals in order for players to get a greater sense of the land than before.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

Official website here.