Arc Of Alchemist Second Trailer Launched Featuring Gameplay

Arc of Alchemist female char

Game publisher Compile Heart recently released the second trailer of upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive action RPG Arc of Alchemist.

Arc of Alchemist new trailer details

The second trailer actually introduces all of the characters present in the game and some awesome new gameplay to boot. The narrator talked about the game’s setting, which was actually detailed in the first teaser trailer for the western release.

In this game, the residents live a harsh life in this desert-type of world. Everyone is always hopeful and keep on surviving. They believe that there will be betters days coming soon, but it might be only despair that will await them in the end.

The trailer features for the first time the game’s city building and crafting features in full motion. Players will have to make a good strategy for all boss battles. They can choose from several options at their disposal and they can also observe the boss battle arena.

The game will launch on PS4 this coming February 7 in Japan. A western release was also announced, which is sometime in Summer 2019. The English version will have both English and Japanese voiceovers, which is a good bonus.

Check out the trailer below: