Apex Legends Season 2 Starts July 2; More Details

Apex Legends, Respawn’s most popular battle-royale game set in the Titanfall universe, will start its next season tomorrow at 1:00PM EDT / 1:00AM (July 3) in Singapore time.

Season 2 is going to be the biggest update yet in Apex Legends. There are tons of changes, updates on the Battle Pass, and improvements coming which includes a new hero, weapon, and map changes.


Wattson plays an important role in your squad. She’s tactically strong, and with proper handling, any player who learns her strengths can surely bring your squad to victory. Players will be able to use Wattson’s tactical ability offensively an defensively, while her passive skill gives players the ability to fully recharge their Ultimate Ability with an Ultimate Accelerant. Wattson’s Ultimate Ability, the Interception Pylon, deflects any incoming ordnance and repairs any damaged shields provided the pylon is still functional.


The L-STAR is considered to be a powerful arsenal in Titanfall, and now it’s dropping in Kings Canyon. If you’re expecting the L-STAR as a regular weapon you can pick up anywhere, it won’t be. It’s considered as an airdrop weapon much like the Mastiff and Kraber, so better to get a hold of this bad boy as it does pack quite a punch when handled perfectly.


As the community expands, it’s high time for Respawn Entertainment to add a competitive mode that is much better than Apex Elite — the Ranked League. Much like other competitive games such as StarCraft and other RTS games; Apex Legends’ features about 6 ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator.

Each rank will have four divisions — Bronze VI to Bronze I then you get promoted to Silver IV then climb up the ladder to Silver I then get promoted to Gold IV. Similar to other games, you will need to play more and earn Rank Points (RP).

Since earning RPs is based on pure performance, you will be rewarded with 1 RP per kill, placing Top 10 gets you 2 RP, Top 5 gives you 4 RP, Top 3 rewards you 7 RP, and winning a game will make you earn 12 RP.

Finally, Penalties Are Here

Players have experienced tons of frustrations when a player quits a match during the jump, and even when they’re killed. In both Regular and Ranked Leagues, if you’re the type of player who quits just because you want to, consequences of those actions will lead you to wait for 5 minutes up to a week if you continuously abandon matches. As per Respawn, “this includes leaving during character select, leaving while you are alive, and leaving when you are dead but can still be respawned by teammates.

Apex Legends is downloadable for free via PSN.

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