Apex Legends Season 11 Launch Trailer Arrives in Less Than 30 Hours

apex legends season 11

The Season 11 of Apex Legends which is Escape has been revealed when they launched their latest Stories from the Outlands featuring the next legend: Ash.

The Launch Trailer for Apex Legends Escape for Season 11 will premiere in Apex Legends Youtube channel where you can watch below:

The link currently says it’s going to premiere in 30 hours so better bookmark that link now so you can watch it for later.

In the latest Stories from the Outlands, it has been revealed that Ash will be the next legend joining the Battle Royale game. Ash has been speculated for a long time and now Respawn has broken the silence and confirmed she is coming to our beloved Apex Legends as the next legend.

Ash has been in Apex Legends since season 9 though when she was seen overseeing the Arenas. This time, she will officially join the roster of legends that are playable. There is no official word yet on what her abilities but there are leaks abound containing the possible abilities that Ash will have.

The landing page for season 11also shows that there’s a new map coming which I believe will be revealed when the launch trailer drops on October0 21, 2021. It also tells us that the C.A.R. SMG is going to be the newest weapon that will be added to the roster of weapons for Apex Legends.

For those who have played Titanfall 2, this weapon is all too familiar to them and is one of the favorite SMG weapons from that game. It is still unknown whether this is going to be a regular drop weapon or a care package weapon as it looks like it’s going to be a great weapon.

You can watch the Stories from the Outlands: Ashes to Ash here:

Source: Apex Legends website

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