Apex Legends Releases Season 1

Apex Legends has been dominating the community lately. As a free-to-play battle royale game, it should already be expected that the publishers will find someway to extract money from their consumers. Enter Apex Legends: Season 1! Starting tomorrow, you can purchase the Battle Pass for $9.95 which lasts for about three months.

People who have played Apex have been waiting for this 1st Season, and now it’s finally come out. If you purchase the Battle Pass, then you’ll also be able to get Octane to your roster. The pass itself has its own leveling system from 0 to 100. Which each level having its own rewards. This is good incentive for players to purchase it.

Stomping into the arena!

The New Legend, Octane

Our first new Legend to join the ranks after Apex Legend’s release. Octane is a hero that trade’s health for speed. Couple that along with his infinite supply of Stim health regeneration and you’ve got a deadly character around your hands. His ultimate lets his squad bounce around with deploying a jump pad.

He seems to be a rather difficult type of hero to master. But for those who are looking for the rush, then Octane can provide you with that fix. Get ready to play as him tomorrow!