Apex Legends Guide: 5 Best Weapons

I’ve been playing Apex Legends since launch and its armory offers a lot of flexibility depending on your playstyle, even a new weapon just got added today! However, there will be selected light machine guns, rifles, and sub-machine guns proven to be really effective in combat. So if you’re wondering which weapon to choose, this quick guide should be able to help you out.

Please note that this is based on the number of days (and experience) I’ve played in Apex Legends. At this time of writing, I’m at Level 43 with Caustic and Mirage unlocked having 121 kills using Bloodhound.


All Apex Legends players know how overpowered the Peacekeeper can be when used right. Once the attachments like the Precision Choke and the 1X Digital Scope – that can identify enemies even inside a screen of smoke – are attached, the one who wields this deadly shotgun becomes unstoppable during close encounters in tight spaces and corners.

Note: Shotgun Shells needed.


This little bugger can eat through Level 3 armors with just one round – provided that it already has a Level 3 Extended Magazine attachment and all bullets land successfully. Its rapid firing rate makes R99 one of the best close-range weapons. You can even single-handedly kill an entire squad with this baby.

Note: Light ammo needed.

Hemlock Burst AR

I have to admit, having to use the Hemlock in the first few rounds in Apex Legends was discouraging. It took me a while to realize the gun’s real potential. Every bullet that flies when you shoot surely hits the enemy head-on with great accuracy. Even without a scope, as long as you have a stabilizer and a stock attached, the Hemlock becomes useful in mid-range combat, and sometimes long-range when you get to have Level 3 attachments including a Level 3 3X Scope.

Note: Heavy ammo needed.


If you’ve always wanted to take out enemies from afar, the Longbow should be your definite choice over the Triple Take sniper rifle. It packs a punch when you have its attachments installed, and if you’re an expert, the (hop-up) attachment can give you additional damage when you secure headshots.


The very first weapon I fell in love on Titanfall 2, the Devotion means to end life when it starts to gain momentum after a couple of bullets into a rapid firing LMG – even deadlier if a Turbocharger hop-up gets attached. Even with the scarcity of its Energy ammo, the Devotion is, by far, the best weapon against players mid-range.

Note: Energy ammo needed.

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