Anthem VIP Demo Won’t Be Extended

BioWare’s Anthem had a VIP demo for those who pre-ordered the game (and some of them were also invited). However, sorts of technical issues that happened throughout the entire 3 days. That included infinite loading screens, capacity server errors, and live service data were unreachable. In short, it was an unbearable first day until a workaround was presented by EA.

People speculated that since there were numerous errors that almost took half of the day to get a workaround (at least) the demo would be extended – even for a day. But no, that’s not going to happen. Anthem’s official Twitter posted that it is the end of the demo, but will continue later this week on February 1. It was also rumored that the public demo will be delayed due to the technical difficulties, but the Twitter post suggests EA and BioWare are going to continue with the public demo.

Hopefully, by that time, EA and BioWare have already fixed the issue and prepared for more players than they had with the VIP Demo.