Anthem Update Fixes Inscriptions, Lowered Masterwork Ember Requirement

Since Anthem‘s launch last week, it’s been riddled with bugs, glitches, and server disconnects. BioWare revealed its 90-day roadmap for Anthem which includes fixes and improvements of the game. There have been several reports that players are losing their loots after getting disconnected from Freeplay abruptly. Even Missions such as Fortress of Dawn and Freelancer Down recurred noticeable bugs.

This latest patch apparently does not fix any of these issues but focused more on fixing exploits and its ‘tethering timer’.

You can see the list of improvements down below:

  • The tethering timer for missions has been increased. Players should now have more time to catch up to their Squad before seeing a countdown timer.
  • The Swarm Tyrant encounter in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold can no longer be reset by the entire Squad exiting to the main menu and rejoining the session in progress.
  • Players are no longer able to reopen chests that had already been looted in Strongholds.
  • Items will no longer have inscriptions on them that are not appropriate for that specific item. NOTE: This only applies to items obtained after the patch. Items obtained prior to the patch will still have the same inscriptions they had before.
  • Masterwork crafting costs have been reduced from 25 -> 15 Masterwork Embers. The amount of plants, metal and parts required for crafting a Masterwork item have also been reduced.

At the moment, players experiencing Mission bugs will have to wait for another patch in the future. It’s unfortunate that BioWare focused its resources on fixing exploits and inscriptions.

Anthem is now available on PS4 and other platforms. Our review is going to be published later today as we have to go through the game once more to get a final verdict.

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