Anthem Reveals Legion Of Dawn Trailer Featuring Special Gear

Anthem Legion of Dawn

Game developer Bioware recently released a brand new trailer of upcoming action, adventure, shooter video game Anthem.

Anthem new trailer features group

The new trailer that Bioware revealed focuses on the special Legion of Dawn edition. It talks about the lore of The Legion of Dawn,which are actually heroes in this game. It narrates how the group rose up over the darkness that was terrorizing them a long time ago.

The render for the armor was showcased in this trailer and was the highlight all throughout. Viewers could see all of the themed armors for each playable class in the game. It resembles the original Legion of Dawn, who sacrificed her life in order to save others.

The Legion of Dawn Edition comes with a weapon that features the theme called Light of the Legion. It will also include VIP access to the beta, which will launch sometime later.

The game will launch on February 22, 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.