Anthem Planned To Have Livestream By Next Week

Game developer BioWare and publisher EA recently announced that upcoming action adventure open-world video game Anthem will get a livestream coverage next week.

Anthem livestream planned

Lead producer Michael Gamble was the one who planned on livestreaming the game soon along with his fellow BioWare developer Ben Irving. He expected the stream to originally take place on Halloween, but now expects it to do it next Thursday, Nov. 1.

The livestream would consist of the developers creating a random character build and just hop into the game world right away. If all goes well, hijinks and hilarity will ensue, Gamble said. Since the game is now at its Alpha phase, this allowed them to show off the game in a better and easy way.

For the official times and dates of the streaming, Gamble said that he will reveal them before the livestream event next week.

The game will launch on February 22, 2019. It will be available on  PlayStation 4.

Source: Official Twitter Account