Anthem Guide: ‘Agent of Chaos’ Ranger Build

Have you been playing Anthem for a while? Since its rocky launch a few weeks back, BioWare’s newest IP is quite fun. You get to customize the Javelin of your choice, upgrade its gears, you name it.

But are you looking for a build that’s powerful, a Javelin that has the capability to unleash its true potential? Arekkz (kudos for the awesome build!) uploaded a video on YouTube recently that show’s how quick the Ranger can recharge its ultimate ability.  This “Ultimate” Ranger build can pack tons of damage dealt on enemies, and it’s been quite entertaining playing with this particular Javelin setup.

There are specific Masterwork gears you need to have to achieve this ultimate build Arekkz assembled.

Main Ultimate Missile Build Requirement (from Arekkz)

Assault Launcher: Tactical Onslaught (Venom Darts)

This Masterwork Assault Launcher gives the standard Venom Darks with extra charges. An Epic level Venom Darts lets the players shoot acid darts twice at a time before it recharges. With its Masterwork variation, it breaks the limit from two to four acid darts. However, you have to take note that this is not effective against Elites with shields compared to the Pulse Blast.

Tactical Onslaught is mainly used as a primer for combos to further boost the Ranger’s ultimate ability to recharge due to its Masterwork Frag Grenade. It’s critical to have the right Inscriptions to further boost your Javelin abilities and weapons. So if you have more than one Tactical Onslaught, be sure to read its add-ons feature before you equip. This is vital especially when you go into Grandmaster Level 2 Strongholds and Contracts.

If you’re wondering what my Tactical Onslaught Inscriptions are: it has +20% Gear Speed that lowers its cooldown and +150% additional damage, +13% LMG Damage, and +10% Ammo for any Marksman Rifle weapon (since I use Thunderbolt of Yvenia).

Grenade: Last Augment (Frag Grenade)

The Last Augment is probably one of the best Masterwork gears you’ll have as a Ranger. From its high blast radius and damage, the additional effect pushes the Ultimate’s charge by 700% once you hit multiple enemies with it. As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you need to have the skill to time it right, to know when you throw your grenades to maximize its effect. If you throw at a single-target, there’s a slight increase on the Ultimate bar. But when you hit more than 3-4 enemies, the bar significantly increases, much more when you trigger a combo after applying a primer to enemies with the Tactical Onslaught.

Here are the inscriptions my Last Augment has: +19 % [R1] Damage increase, Marksman Rifle +19% increased damage and +8% ammo increase, and it has a 100% charge rate.

Components: Grenadier Inscription (Epic Component) and Badge of Devastation

These are two of the most important components that Arekkz recommend for the Ultimate Missile Build. The Grenadier Inscription, an Epic Ranger Component, increases the grenade’s recharge by 35%. This means you can quickly use the Last Augment than waiting a couple of more seconds to get those sweet combos applying primers to enemy units with the Tactical Onslaught.

With Badge of Devastation Masterwork Component, you can also instantly recharge your Ultimate ability by 25% instantly after you get 10 kills. Combining both the Last Augment and Badge of Devastation can make you instantly get your ultimate ability at 100% charge.

Alternative Build –  Agent of Chaos

Since I’ve used this build without one component, the Badge of Devastation, you can still effectively get your Ultimate Ability charge up faster without it and still get higher combo damage with a support ability to help your squad members.

I played with the components and came up with a slight variation of Arekkz’s Ultimate Missile Build, in which I’ll call my build ‘the Agent of Chaos’.

This variation of the Ultimate Missile Build by Arekkz focuses on a better assault launcher recharge and increased blast damage for 10 seconds:

Assault Launcher (Masterwork/Legendary)

  • Tactical Onslaught (Venom Darts)

Grenade (Masterwork/Legendary)

  • Last Augment (Frag Grenade)

Components (Masterwork/Legendary)

  • Tip of the Spear – this is to increase the combo damage by 50%, plus doing a combo can restore 40% armor to all nearby allies.
  • Victor’s Resolve – increases the blast damage (of the Last Augment) by 50% but lowers the impact damage by 20%.
  • General’s Favor – the assault launcher (Tactical Onslaught) has an increased recharge rate by 35%. Plus when defeating enemies with a melee attack, it gives 50% damage to your [L1, technically the Last Augment] ability for 10 seconds.
  • Defensive Bulwark – simply increases all weapon damage by 25%. Additionally, the damage increases by another 25% if you’re on low health for 10 seconds.
  • Vanguard’s Badge – increases melee damage by 30% and its electric effect by 30% of its base. Doing a melee kill can also restore 20% of your build.
  • Grenadier Inscription (if you want to recharge your grenades faster) or Ranger Combo Augment (for additional combo damage)

Weapons (Masterwork/Legendary)

  • Thunderbolt of Yvennia – gives a 33% chance of an electric damage attack to the enemy which significantly effective against enemies with shields (serves to be a replacement to the Pulse Blast).
  • Avenging Herald – this heavy pistol definitely packs a punch at enemy units with its insanely high damage, plus its added 200% damage increase why hovering.

Support Gear

  • Muster Point (Epic) – provides 20% more weapon damage for a short amount of time.

I hope this alternative Ultimate Missle Ranger Build can help you out in Strongholds and Legendary Contracts.

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