Anthem Gets a Player Hub According to Bioware

When playing a multiplayer game, you sometimes just want to relax and hang out with the people you meet online. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really much of a way to do that in Anthem…at least before. After feedback from the players, Bioware has decided to add a player hub where everyone can just hang out in an area called the “Launch Bay.”

It’s your choice if you want to head back into Tarsis, what seems to be Anthem’s main city, or choose to join your fellow players in the Launch Bay. Players in the launch bay can forge, reload, and grab new contracts as they see fit.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that people who have access to the demo will be able to use the Launch Bay just yet. According to Michael Gamble in his tweets, the Launch Bay will be disabled for the Anthem demo.

Still, it’s nice to see that Bioware is listening to consumer feedback. It really shows great promise when a developer goes out their way to make sure that the playerbase is getting exactly what they want.

Anthem will be released this February 22 and will be available on PS4 and other platforms.