Anthem Free And Pre-Order Demo Schedules Revealed With Details

Anthem Javelin suit

Game publisher EA and developer Bioware recently revealed more important details about the upcoming video game Anthem with its limited demos.

Anthem pre-order demo schedules

The publisher previously announced that the game will get two limited demos in the near future, but now the schedule for those demos are now known. The first is the VIP demo, which will be available to players who pre order the game and as well as the EA/Origin Access members.

The VIP demo version will start on Friday, Jan. 25 before the servers will shut down on Sunday, Jan. 27. There will be a bonus for those who play the VIP version. Players will get an exclusive in-game item for use in the full game, which is still unknown.

After a week, the free demo will be launched. The free version can be downloaded by anyone on PlayStation 4. It will be available on Friday, Feb. 1 until Sunday, Feb. 3.

Both demos will be identical. All players will have access to the Ranger Javelin and one other option that has not been confirmed yet. Fort Tarsis will be accessible as well and the game will have few different mission types available for players to try out.

The game will launch on Feb. 22. It will be available on PS4.