Anthem Producer Assures Game Will Feel Complete From Day One

Anthem pond

Executive producer Mike Darrah told a publication in an exclusive interview that upcoming video game Anthem will feel complete when it launches on day one.

Anthem will be complete

A lot of interested gamers are a bit concerned with the upcoming BioWare game. Some of this is the worry of not having any single-player experience for them to enjoy. Darrah did make those concerns die down because he assures everyone that it will be a game that will not be like the others. He confidently said that it will launch as a complete package.

Darrah answered:

Yeah and you know one of the things that I think has been a relatively recent lesson in the live-service space is that before last year I think you saw games coming out that were relatively incomplete. [Games] that then sort of built up and built their fan base over time and grew and got bigger. And I think in the last year you’ve seen a couple of games launch that were in that same kind of space that you would’ve thought, ‘Okay this should be fine’ that then didn’t work out.

People came in and they went, ‘there’s not enough here’ and they left. So, I think it’s partially because the competition in the space has gotten harder people are less willing to just kind of hang out and hope that stuff is going to come along. There are other things for them to do. So, I think for me a big lesson has been that… it’s that you need to have enough on the first day so that there’s a reason to stay. And when more is coming then that’s great. That’s amazing. But I’m not just going to hang out and wait for the game to become complete. It has to be complete from day one.

While Darrah did not particularly mention some specific game titles, these should be the popular ones right now like the Destiny series and The Division. The sad thing about these titles are the facts that it launched with the minimal content and this resulted in players getting bored or losing interest in playing the games. It is a good thing that BioWare is confident enough to promise us that Anthem will be a complete game.

The game will launch on February 22, 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: USgamer