Andy Serkis Congratulates You For Earning A Platinum Trophy

andy serkis

In a recent post by Gamespot, an unlisted video of Andy Serkis congratulating players for earning a Platinum trophy has been uncovered in PlayStation Europe’s Youtube Account.

Trophies are Sony’s way of rewarding a player for completing a task within a game. Most games will have the coveted Platinum Trophy. Earning a platinum trophy in some games can sometimes be a daunting task. Some will eventually give up on the Platinum trophy as they might be very difficult to obtain. In some games like the Telltale series, it is easily achievable as their trophies are just tied to progressing the game.

Watching the video, it seems to be an unused promotional video for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. As to which game Andy Serkis is congratulating you for, no one has the slightest idea as to what it is.

The video was posted at a ResetEra thread and user speculations are it’s either for Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales or the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game. It could also just be a generic congratulations. As to why it exists and why it was never used, it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

Still, having Andy Serkis congratulate you for earning a Platinum trophy feels very great. You can watch the full video trailer below:

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