Activision Plans To Fire CFO Spencer Neumann To Promote CCO

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Game publisher Activision seems to be keen to terminate the position of the current CFO Spencer Neumann in order to promote the current CCO. However, this seems to have a twist.

Activision is set to remove CFO from position

There is going to be a large change in the executive positions over at the game publisher just as 2019 starts. A recent securities filing from the company states that the current Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann is pending termination from his role for matters that are not actually related to financial performance. He is now place on paid leave from the company and has afforded the opportunity to demonstrate why cause does not exist to terminate his employment or why termination of his employment is not otherwise justified. In spite of this issue, he has now taken the opportunity to take another job in the process.

Neumann will indeed end up getting out from the gaming company according to numerous reports. He has now accepted the same role of CFO over at Netflix instead. The video streaming company will be announcing the move soon.

The one who will take over the upcoming vacant position will be the current Chief Corporate Officer, which is Dennis Durkin. He is currently taken over the tasks, but if it is officially announced that Neumann will take up the Netflix position, he will be officially be promoted as CFO.

Source: Activision Securities Filing