5 Games That Should Be In PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic Comparison

As we all know, the PlayStation Classic was recently announced to commemorate the beginnings of our beloved gaming console.

However, the PlayStation Classic only comes with 20 equally classic games. Namely, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3, and Resident Evil. Though the complete list of games makes for hours of time on the console, it’s a shame that it didn’t expand to much more.

At the time, there were numerous releases that all became classic favorites. Here are a few that should have been included:

Tomb Raider

How timely would it have been if Tomb Raider came with the PlayStation Classic, as the hype on Lara Craft and her adventures are slowly gaining back an audience from both new and old generations. The original Tomb Raider, despite its triangular figures, was one of the early feminist icons in gaming and it remains to be a classic on its own

Silent Hill

We’ve got Resident Evil on it, so why not amp up the horror games and include a fantastic game that inspired many creepy jump scares to the genre. Even with the graphics of old, playing it again will still give you the nightmares you had when you first played it as a child.

Crash Bandicoot

This should have been included, no question. Crash defined a generation and it was the OG temple run. Not only that, but it was the face of Sony for a long time. Crash Bandicoot was the definition of chill playing and having it not included on the 20 almost feels like an insult.

PaRappa the Rapper

The coolest dog of the early 90s and one of the games among the beginnings of the rhythm genre. This classic became a hit because of its designs and challenges. It was comedic and it was all rounds of fun. When we think of PlayStation Classics, it’s hard not to think about PaRappa.

Final Fantasy Tactics

We may have Final Fantasy VII on the lineup, but it is obviously incomparable to that of Final Fantasy Tactics. The strategic, turn-based video game had an amazing storyline, memorable scenes, and challenging levels. It was a game for those who wanted to take chess to the next level and sprinkled a world of fantasy on it. It was also a game that you’d want to complete numerous times to find the best form of strategy.