Closers PS4 Version To Launch In Japan Later This Month

Game publisher Laplace recently announced that the PlayStation 4 version of the side-scroller action MMORPG Closers will be launched later this month.

Closers PS4 version coming soon

The game will launch in Japan this coming May 22. It will be a free-to-play download via the PlayStation Store. Pre-registration will remain available on the online shop until May 21. Players who did the pre-registration will receive a present set. Check out the details below:

  • Closers Elite Training Course 15-Day Contract Rights x1
  • Maid Celine (Konomi Hoshina) 5-Day Contract Rights x1
  • Forest Fairy Allaune 5-Day Contract Rights x1
  • Angeliluce 10 Set Box (15 Days) x1
  • Yukata D-Type Full Set Box x1
  • Liberty Converter 5-Days Right of Use
  • Two-Star Hair L. Gear Random Box x1
  • Mini Pool x1

For the PlayStation Plus subscription members, they will get new items every month. It will include the following items:

  • Resurrection Pill x11
  • Rapid Dual Recovery Pill x50
  • Mini Plum Extract x3
  • Amulet Box x1
  • Extreme: Module +12 Box x1
  • Aura of Big Success x10
  • Dimensional Vaccine x3
  • Phase Booster +11 x3
  • Fresh Green Crystals x5

Players can pre-register here.

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