Tales Of The Neon Sea Gets Long Gameplay Preview Video

Game publisher Zodiac Interactive and developer Palm Pioneer recently released a long gameplay preview video of upcoming video game Tales of the Neon Sea.

Tales of the Neon Sea preview details

The video featured the protagonist Mr. Mist helping out the police. He is investigating a crime scene, and the video just follows on from the gameplay. The video is 14 minutes long.

Game producer Tian Chao stated in a press release:

We love the idea of a detective / crime type story within a cyberpunk setting. Like those classics, we’ll be looking at the relationship between humans and AI / robots, with the player solving crimes as part of the core gameplay. Of course, how we differentiate our narrative from those that have come before us will ultimately characterize Tales of the Neon Sea, and in this regard we’re taking a more light-hearted, humorous, and quirky approach to the genre.

Creating detailed and attractive pixel-art and lighting it in unique ways is one of our skills. Cyberpunk and pixel-art tend to be a good match, so it made sense for us to proceed in this direction with Tales of the Neon Sea.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be available this year.

Check out the video below:

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