Spacelords Free-To-Play Video Game Now Available On PS4

Game developer MercurySteam is happy to announce that the free-to-play video game Spacelords is now available on PlayStation4.

Spacelords now available

The game was first announced as Raiders of the Broken Planet, but with the new name it has now become available on the PS4. MercurySteam said that their video game will be free-to-play, which should mean there are microtransactions for items like cosmetic changes, items, weapons, and more.

Studio head explains changes

Art director Jorge Benedito told a publication in an exclusive interview that how a film Once Upon a Time in the West influenced him in his artwork for the game. MercurySteam studio head Enric Alvarez also said his piece in another interview about the changes that the studio has been through and the concept of the new title.

The game has gone with a total overhaul of its progression system with the change from its original business model to the free-to-play version. This has made it welcome expert and new players alike so that no one will feel left out or too overwhelmed. They made newcomers access one of the four available campaigns and play it first to the end before they go to another one so that they can gain enough experience.

To quote Alvarez, also the game director:

Launching Spacelords as a F2P game is a titanic endeavor for an independent studio like MercurySteam. Working on all the changes the fanbase wanted and producing four lengthy campaigns at the same time is a testament to MercurySteam’s continued commitment to Spacelords and its loyal community, and this is only the beginning – we already have plans for adding a wealth of new content to the game in the following months…

We are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who have supported the game so far, Spacelords is now a much better game and that is thanks to the valuable feedback from our community. The emotional 4th Campaign Launch Trailer is MercurySteam’s sincere homage to those fans.

The fourth campaign of the game called Council Apocalypse is also available right now. The developers promised that they will be adding more content in a steady pace. They will also add more characters, weapons and skins in the coming months.

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