Rainbow Six Siege Season Three: Operation Grim Sky Initial Details Revealed

Game publisher Ubisoft recently revealed some initial details of upcoming new season of Rainbow Six Siege, which is season three: Operation Grim Sky.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky details

Season three is about to launch for the popular action-packed shooting video game, and Ubisoft has already revealed some of the first few details. The new season will be called Operation: Grim Sky. Aside from two new Operators joining the game roster, it will also introduce the game’s first-ever map rework.

The two new Operators that will join the game will be an American Attacker and the other one will be a British Defender. No word on what these Operators’ abilities will be, but it might give players an advantage over the other team.

The focus of the new season is the map rework, which will about taking one of the original maps, Hereford Base and making mass changes to it. The base was actually one of the first maps in the beta version of the game, which was way back in 2015. This map was also heavily inspired by Tom Clancy’s original novel.

Ubisoft has done some serious changes to this particular map. They claim that players might still recognize it, but it will feature a whole new layout. It will also have new visual identity, and impressive new architecture. The game company insists that it might have become a brand new map instead.

Gamescom 2018 lineup

In other related news, Ubisoft has revealed their lineup for the upcoming Gamescom 2018 event. Rainbow Six Siege is included in this lineup with Anno 1800, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, For Honor: Marching Fire, Skull and Bones, Space Junkies, and many more.

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