Red Dead Redemption 2 cowboy

What Makes a Good Open World Game?

Being able to freely travel just about anywhere is one of the greatest feelings one can experience. This is exactly what open world games are supposed to provide to anyone who sees it fit to play them...[Read More]

Our Favorite Legends in ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has become an ever-growing popular battle royale game. Many players have put their hours into Respawn Entertainment’s newest free-to-play shooter. Apex Legends is fun, and really en...[Read More]

Why Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Be A Good Horror Game

For as long as I’ve known, horror has always been such a niche genre. Who in their right minds wants to pay more than the reasonable amount to have the living shit scared out of them? People wan...[Read More]

Cross-Platform Console Wars

Since cross-play is now available for Fortnite for all the major platforms, one can’t help but wonder if we can finally get a significantly less toxic version of something gamers of our generati...[Read More]

Which Spyro Game Has The Most Value In The Reignited Trilogy?

For those of you who have yet to play Spyro Reignited Trilogy, then know that it’s a remaster of the first three Spyro games of the original PlayStation era. Considering that there are three, on...[Read More]

PlayStation Exclusives Dominate The Game Awards 2018

As we approach the end of the year, various game awards ceremonies happen around the world, and the most-awaited games industry awards night, The Game Awards, is steadily approaching. Recently, The Ga...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic console

Should We Get PlayStation Classic?

How much are you willing to throw to play old PlayStation classic games? At a whooping $100, the upcoming PlayStation Classic can be quite pricey. The console reintroduces old PlayStation 1 games in o...[Read More]

Spider-Man text

The Importance of a New Game Plus Feature

Have you ever thought about the importance of a new game plus? What often goes through your mind when you purchase a video game? Like most games, there will only ever be a certain amount of time befor...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic Comparison

5 Games That Should Be In PlayStation Classic

As we all know, the PlayStation Classic was recently announced to commemorate the beginnings of our beloved gaming console. However, the PlayStation Classic only comes with 20 equally classic games. N...[Read More]

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