Anthem Gameplay Series Video Part 1 Provides You All Of Its Basic Stuff

If you haven’t been following Anthem, BioWare’s newest IP, then you don’t have to worry because the studio has started their “Gameplay Series” to give you an insight and ...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Won’t Have Loot Boxes

Microtransactions and loot boxes have always made the gaming community uncomfortable by just simply hearing it. Michael Gamble, BioWare’s Lead Producer on Anthem, took some time to answer a coup...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Developer Divulges Story Length Compared To Past Games

Anthem game developer BioWare and its top leads on the development team talk about how long the game’s story is and how it compares to previous titles. Anthem story length is going to be hard to compa...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Free And Pre-Order Demo Schedules Revealed With Details

Game publisher EA and developer Bioware recently revealed more important details about the upcoming video game Anthem with its limited demos. Anthem pre-order demo schedules The publisher previously a...[Read More]

Anthem Legion of Dawn

Anthem Reveals Legion Of Dawn Trailer Featuring Special Gear

Game developer Bioware recently released a brand new trailer of upcoming action, adventure, shooter video game Anthem. Anthem new trailer features group The new trailer that Bioware revealed focuses o...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Gets Livestream Soon Featuring Fort Tarsis New Look

Game developer BioWare recently announced that upcoming video game Anthem will get a new livestream video real soon that features new information. Anthem upcoming livestream details BioWare revealed t...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Livestream Next Week To Reveal Customization Options

Bioware lead producer Ben Irving recently revealed some new information about the new livestream of upcoming video game Anthem. Anthem livestream details Irving recently took to Twitter to reveal some...[Read More]

Anthem Planned To Have Livestream By Next Week

Game developer BioWare and publisher EA recently announced that upcoming action adventure open-world video game Anthem will get a livestream coverage next week. Anthem livestream planned Lead producer...[Read More]

Anthem pond

Anthem Producer Assures Game Will Feel Complete From Day One

Executive producer Mike Darrah told a publication in an exclusive interview that upcoming video game Anthem will feel complete when it launches on day one. Anthem will be complete A lot of interested ...[Read More]

Anthem new screenie

Anthem Demo To Release Next Year; New Trailers Revealed

Game developer BioWare recently revealed that upcoming and most anticipated video game Anthem will release its demo soon. New trailers were also revealed. Anthem gets demo Before the panel show at PAX...[Read More]

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