Anthem Backend Update Improves Drop Rates

After the backlash that BioWare, the studio behind the latest looter-shooter, Anthem, got from fixing a bug that improved drop rates of higher tier loots on Reddit, the community’s voice was hea...[Read More]

Anthem Patch 1.0.3 Removes Common and Uncommon From Grandmaster Difficulties

A recent patch for Anthem just got rolled out. There are tons of changes and improvements unlike its previous update, which includes the removal of Common and Uncommon drops at Grandmaster difficultie...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Issues Responded By EA; Community Finds Potential Fix

After several issues complained by the players of recently launched video game Anthem, game publisher EA finally addressed it and asks for help. Anthem issues being determined In a recent post by the ...[Read More]

Anthem Guide: ‘Agent of Chaos’ Ranger Build

Have you been playing Anthem for a while? Since its rocky launch a few weeks back, BioWare’s newest IP is quite fun. You get to customize the Javelin of your choice, upgrade its gears, you name ...[Read More]

Anthem Javelin suit

Anthem Reportedly Crashes PS4 To Shutdown; Possibly Bricking The Console

Anthem launched barebones when it comes to optimization. Even if most of its issues like server connectivity problems and getting stuck at loading screens have been resolved, numerous problem appeared...[Read More]

Anthem Guide – Inscriptions

You’re probably wondering what those symbols and added perks your gears have. If you’ve played a lot of Anthem this past week, then you will probably still tinkering with your Javelin buil...[Read More]

Anthem – Review

Whether you are soaring through the skies, bombarding lighting from above, or hovering like Iron Man, Anthem feels great during intense fights, and exploring its lush and dangerous locale is a sight t...[Read More]

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Anthem Guide – Starting Up As A Ranger

Anthem is out for 6 days now and I’ve already maxed out to level 30 and already reached Epic status for my Ranger Javelin. At the time of this writing, I recently finished the mission where I have to ...[Read More]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and A New Plants Vs. Zombies Game To Launch This Year

Electronic Arts’ history of stirring up flames in the past years have resulted in the community looking down on the publisher’s ability to keep a healthy reputation. They have been known f...[Read More]

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BioWare Is Still Improving The ANTHEM Public Demo

Last week’s VIP Demo was indeed plagued with problems. Numerous players didn’t manage to get into the game after almost 5 hours since the demo opened its gates. Even if the server capacity...[Read More]

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