Is The Uncharted Film Adaptation Going To Happen This Time?

Fans weren’t that pleased when Tom Holland, the man behind the Spider-Man mask in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was announced to be the witty and brave Nathan Drake — a younger version, of course. The Uncharted film was revealed way back in 2017 stating that Shawn Levy, director of Real Steel and Night at the Museum, is going to direct the movie adaptation of Sony’s hit franchise. However, it was reported that Levy departed from the film’s production as the director due to other projects and the reality of having an Uncharted movie was really quite dim.

Apparently, another famous director has taken the helm to direct the upcoming Uncharted film and that person is Dan Trachtenberg (who directed 10 Cloverfield Lane). Dan was recently hired to complete the ever-dormant project, and Tom Holland is still taking the role of a young Nathan Drake.

We hope that the Uncharted movie will surpass expectations if it will come to fruition and break the curse of horrendous film adaptations of video-games.

Source: Variety

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