Street Fighter V In-Game Advertisements Temporarily Removed

After the certain controversy of including sponsored content in the popular action fighting video game Street Fighter V, it appears that the ads are now gone for now.

Street Fighter V ads gone for a while

Several criticisms from the fans were heard by game publisher CAPCOM after they decided to put some ads in their latest popular fighting game, and they were not having it. After several complaints, it appears that the annoying ads are now gone, at least temporarily.

In a certain report, it appears that the in-game ads were removed for just over two weeks since they were introduced in the game. The most noticeable change was the removal of several variants of the Ad Style costumes. The ads from the loading screen and stage select were also gone.

This will not be a permanent removal of in-game ads entirely. It was noted that the first round of ads are tied to the CAPCOM Pro Tour. It might be possible that the ads will be appearing in an irregular basis now and they might be slightly altered the next time they will appear.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Source: EventHubs

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