The Forest Gets December 2018 Update With New Stuff

Game developer End Night Games recently announced that a brand new update of the recently released video game The Forest featuring new content.

The Forest gets new update and trailer

End Night Games recently released a brand new trailer of the video game and its upcoming December 2018 update. It features all of its upcoming contents that will be introduced once it is launched on Dec. 10.

The new update will include several new contents like gliders, underwater exploration with some sort of breathing device, an underwater cave, and some scary new monsters. These monsters are creepy tripod ones that could swing their long limps around to attack the players. The entirety of the monstrous being is made of flesh, which looks gross and unsettling to look at. The last monster shown was another terrifying one that looks like a tower of shifting bags of flesh. It looked gross but it worked as a scare item.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

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