Obsidian Entertainment To Unveil New Game At The Game Awards

Game developer Obsidian Entertainment will be revealing a brand new video game next week during The Game Awards 2018.

Obsidian Entertainment new game

The Game Awards popular host Geoff Keighley recently took to Twitter to reveal some juicy tidbits of the upcoming video game that the game developer is unveiling soon. It was revealed that it will be a RPG and will be published by Private Division, which is a company that previously published Kerbal Space Program. Even though the developers were recently acquired by Microsoft Studios, it is more likely that it will have multiple platforms during launch.

Official website tease

On the official website of the game developer, visitors will see two different countdown timers with one saying to wait for an announcement from Spacer’s Choice. The other counter is from Auntie Cleo’s. When the counters are skipped, they will see another promotional image with different products. One is a futuristic gun, while the other is a grooming product. There is also a quick jingle for each item that sounds like it was from an old broken vinyl record.

Official website can be accessed here.

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