Street Fighter V To Introduce Classic Costume To Character Soon

Game company CAPCOM will be introducing a nostalgic classic costume of a certain character of villainous background of popular action fighting video game Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V character gets classic costume treatment

The character that will get the classic costume is none other than M. Bison with his awesome classic Street Fighter II costume. This will be available in the Fighting Chance bonus system that will be available tomorrow, Nov. 27 US time.

The classic costume will have no coat and lightning belt. It has a less muted red coloring overall and blue secondary coloring along the edges of the top. It is actually almost the same with the recent version, but it makes him more of a colorful cartoon character.

The best part is that it will only be available with the loot box system in the game called Fighting Chance. Players will have to pay 500 Fight Money to get a Fantasy Fortune Reading. This then awards them with randomized items like costumes, artwork, and colors. There are also other classic costumes in this system like Sagat’s original costume in Street Fighter and Vega’s Street Fighter II: The World Warriors costume.

Source: Twitter

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