PlayStation 4 Pro New Model Stealthily Developed And Released

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently and secretly developed a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro model and released it to the market quietly.

New PlayStation 4 Pro model details

For interested buyers of a new PS4 pro, they might be interested in getting the new model because it has some subtle difference. The new CUH-7200 of the console is said to be slightly quieter compared to the older models.

The differences are not that evident and Sony has not officially confirmed this secret release. The new model looks just the same with the other models, but the key difference is the power connector. It is said that instead of the PC-style three-prong connection, the new one has a smaller figure-8 connector that most PS4 Slim consoles use.

A gaming publication revealed that the fan noise has been reduced from around 50dB (decibels) to around 44dB/48dB. The launch model, however, still runs with cooler temperatures.

Model CUH-7200 is now available in stores and it is actually included in the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundle.

Source: Digital Foundry

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