Sony Is Already Looking Into The Next-Gen PlayStation

Sony CEO didn't call it 'PS5'

The current generation consoles are nearing its usual life-cycle. Sony confirms that it’s already looking to the future, the next-generation PlayStation, according to Eurogamer’s report.

Eurogamer’s Deputy Editor, Wesley Yin-Poole, reported that the Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, said “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” during an interview with Financial Times. Yin-Poole wrote in his report that Financial Time sources said that there wouldn’t be any major jump in terms of technology. “Early indications were that it might not represent a major departure from the PS4, and that the fundamental architecture would be similar.” It’s also not confirmed that the next-generation PlayStation is PS5, it might be a different name.

Since Sony is skipping PSX 2018 in North America, we might hear from Sony about its next-gen console possibly at E3 2019.

We have tried to access the source that Yin-Poole linked, unfortunately, a subscription is needed to gain access to the Financial Times interview.

Source: Eurogamer

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