Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Recruits New Character From Final Fantasy XI

Game publisher Square Enix recently announced that a brand new character will be coming to the recently popular fighting video game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gets Kam’lanaut

The new character joining the popular fighting video game is none other than the villain Kam’lanaut. He hails from the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI and he is the villain and Archduke of Jeuno. A lot of gamers actually hate this guy.

Kam’lanaut wields a shield and a one handed sword. He looks pretty formidable as he slashes with his weapon and making it ablaze with fire magic. He can also dash towards his enemies with brutal force that gets them stunned. Actually, his sword can gain other elemental attacks like ice and fire. His slashes are a bit wide and sluggish, but it packs quite a punch. He also has a few long range attacks.

A new trailer comes with the new announcement. It features most of his moves and his introduction in the game. The PlayStation 4 version of the game will get it in October. The game is currently exclusively available on the PS4.

Check out his announcement trailer below:

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